1998 & 2018 – Similarities and Differences in the World of Corporate Real Estate

Hard to believe that my company’s (The Acclaim Group) 18th anniversary is here. It has been a hugely rewarding time in our lives. We still have several national/ repeat clients that were with us when we opened our doors for business! We also have employees that have been with us that entire time, or for nearly all of it. We are still in the office space that we started in, but have had 4 different landlords. Leases that used to average 15 pages in length now average 90+ pages. The percentage of landlords that are institutional in nature has more than doubled between then and now (vs. entrepreneurial landlords).

We have also been fortunate that the business model that we started, and services that we offer, have become more and more relevant and important to corporate leaders.

What hasn’t changed at all is the importance of relationships, trust, integrity and fidelity. These cornerstones of our DNA are more important in business than ever.

Some additional “fun facts” & statistics that happened during our year of founding, 1998:

  • Google filed for incorporation
  • Apple’s slogan was “Think Different”
  • The DOW was at 9,181
  • Fed interest rates were at 8.25%, and finally starting to fall
  • Gas was $1.15/ gallon on average
  • Russia was on the brink of economic collapse
  • The Broncos won the AFC East
  • Comedian Chris Farley died
  • An analyst names Henry Markopolous actual determined that Bernie Madoff’s returns were impossible!

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