How Much Space is Enough Space?

Whether you are planning a new office, renewing an existing lease or developing company-wide space standards, developing updated design benchmarks and occupancy strategies will prove extremely helpful. A company’s real estate can and should be an enabler of the business plan!

When a new client engages my team, we take nothing for granted. Far too many companies assume that the amount of space that they have now, is what they need going forward. “Maybe a little more or a little less” depending on what is happening with the company at the time. That holds true for thinking regarding location and infrastructure as well. We view this as a huge opportunity to re-invent and improve the way our client uses their space. Significant gains can easily be made in: work flow, collaboration, branding, talent attractions and retention, cost reduction and overall efficiency.

At this stage it is imperative that we have direct input on strategy, vision and corporate culture from the client’s “C Suite”. With this foundation, we can put powerful systems to work in achieving corporate goals in ways previously un-imagined. From there we can hand pick a multi-disciplined team that are fully aligned and engaged with the client’s best interests. Additionally, this helps us put into place meaningful improvements to the clients standards, practices and protocols that will yield fantastic results.

If your corporate real estate advisors aren’t providing this kind of insight and thought leadership, it’s time to meet with the Acclaim team. Contact our Managing Partner, Mike Maroon for a free consultation.

If your corporate real estate advisors are not providing this kind of insight and thought leadership, it’s time to meet with the Acclaim team.
Call Mike for a free consultation.

Mike Maroon, SIOR is the Founding Partner of The Acclaim Group, a leading real estate adviser to corporations locally, nationally and globally.

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